#Bermuda – Top 10 Most Beautiful #Bermudian Women

Bermuda Stream

Bermuda is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world and for this top ten article Videoblogger TM has listed some of them. Women included in this list are mainly beauty queens who have represented Bermuda for the Miss World Pageant, talented actresses, models and singers.

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Bermudian Women!

1. Lena Headey | Actress
2. Jenna Judd | Model
3. Lillian Lightbourn | Beauty queen
4. Samantha Claude | Actress
5. Katherine Arnfield | Beauty queen
6. Heather Nova | Singer
7. Echaunti Swan | Beauty queen
8. Rochelle Minors | Beauty queen
9. Lana Young | Actress
10. Jana Lynn Outerbridge | Beauty queen
Top 10 Most Beautiful Bermudian Women @ http://www.dtop10list.com

*Please note that the top 10  included here are all unofficial rankings. The list is based on Google search results and collected mainly from different blogs and websites around the internet.
Photo Sources :
  • Lana…

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